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Customer Experience
Innovation Center

A diverse team of international designers.

Freshanswer offers dymanic web design and development, e-commerce development, visual identity branding, social network marketing, web promotional campaigns, as well as custom programming solutions for internet and intranet based applications.

Freshanswer delivers a design team and leadership with rich combined experience.
Our collective marketing expertise in wholesale, retail, technology, fashion, travel, and manufacturing, provide an innovative, effective design team for your business's essential projects. We take great pride and effort in providing customer satisfaction and success.

At freshanswer, you can get it all, from contemporary brochure websites to an extensive e-commerce business, including domestic and international web promotional campaigns and prevalent social network marketing.

insight • innovate • implement

Website Design and Development
cutting-edge website design
dynamic e-business development
diverse front-end code creation
flash based website design
secure e-commerce payment solutions
intranet design and implementation
asset creation: imaging, graphics, text
browser-platform quality assurance
web application design
usability testing

Website and e-Business Promotion
website advertising campaigns
e-business promotional campaigns
sponsored link creation
search engine optimization
social network marketing

Visual Identity Design
logo and brand design
graphic design
company portfolio creation
press kit creation
client presentation design
internal company branding design

Website Asset Enhancements
online flash game creation
dynamic online survey creation
mascot creation to enhance brand identity

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